Responsible business

Speed Oy remains a flourishing company in the long term. The company creates well-being to the surrounding society by offering jobs, paying taxes and developing solutions to societal problems and need.

The company aims to operate in the most sustainable manner. It also acknowledges the interests and expectations of stakeholders while aiming for profitability.

1. Economic responsibility

• Competitive, financially sound, profitable

• Follows the act on the contractor´s obligations and liability
– Salaries are always paid in full, on time and according to the collective labor agreement

• The transports are always done according to the law and regulations
– Technical requirements of the fleet, maximum dimensions and masses.

2. Social responsibility

• Occupational health care

• Occupational well-being
– legislation regarding driving time and rest periods
– exercise benefits and employer-led recreations to support well-being

• Occupational safety:
– new, well-maintained vehicles with modern technologies
– proper safety devices, personal protective equipment, risk assessments

• Continuous education for employees

• Fair and unbiased recruitment practises.

3. Environmental responsibility Carbon Neutral by 2030

Speed Oy has agreed to work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our main Goal is: 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

we have created a programme to reduce carbon emissions and become a carbon neutral trucking company by 2030

we will transport 95% of containers using Ecotrucks, thus reducing our greenhouse gas emissions 20% – 40% compared to using only traditional methods

we favor biofuels

all trucks are equipped with devices following the style of driving. The device also gathers information on fuel consumption, driving speeds and emissions of both CO2 and NOx

we aim to make the transition to vehicles running on hydrogen, electricity or biogas.